1:47 AM

You Never Know Where You'll Find Profundity...

this is the first verse and chorus of a song called "move along" by a band known as the all american rejects. i think they are stalking me and they wrote this song for me... but that's just a guess.

go ahead as you waste your days with thinking
when you fall everyone sins
another day and you've had your fill of sinking
with the life held in your
hands are shaking cold
these hands are meant to hold

speak to me, when all you've got to keep is strong
move along, move along like i know you do
and even when your hope is gone
move along, move along just to make it through
move along

ok, how many days have i wasted with thinking? this month? i can't even tell you...
and geez, what a drama queen to think that me screwing up is tantamount to the fall of kingdoms - i mean, i'm just not the center of the universe like that.
there's so much weight to this - and the expectation that i must perform perfectly. of course i would get sick of sinking...
"when all you've got to keep is strong" - gee. that sounds like stuff my dad says to me all the time.
of course, my hope is never gone because it is Christ, but the point here i think is that i have to cut the crap and quit fighting life with the tools of analysis - and move along.

tonight at RUF kevin's sermon had alot to do with the two ways we can take the bible - as either primarily about what i have to do (moralistic) or primarily about what Christ has done (redemptive). if i take it as something about me and what all is my responsibility to do, it will crush me. but if i look at it in light of, say, romans 8:1 ("there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."), then i have the greatest grounds for hope in the history of the universe.

yay for the gospel. and boo for my overanalytical self trying to take responsibility back from my Savior and my God, when my only hope is that He has taken all the weight of perfection off of me as my means of currying favor with Him.

substitutionary atonement or bust, baby.


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