3:12 AM

Thou Lovely Source of True Delight

Thou lovely Source of true delight
Whom i, unseen, adore
unveil Thy beauties to my sight
that i might love Thee more, oh that i might love Thee more

Thy glory o'er creation shines
but in Thy sacred Word
i read in fairer, brighter lines
my bleeding, dying Lord, see my bleeding, dying Lord

tis here whene'er my comforts droop
and sins and sorrows rise
Thy Word with cheering beams of hope
my fainting heart supplies, my fainting heart supplies

and - ah, too soon! - the pleasing scene
is clouded o'er with pain
my gloomy fears rise dark between
and i again complain, oh, and i again complain

Jesus, my Lord, my Life, my Light
o, come with blissful ray
break radiant through the shades of night
and chase my fears away - won't You chase my fears away?

then shall my soul with rapture trace
the wonders of Thy love
but the full glories of Thy face
are only known above, they are only known above
1) Jesus is the lovely source of true delight, and He's the unseen one (not me)
2) "unveil Thy beauties to my sight that I might love Thee more" - oh Lord, that's the cry of my heart! nota bene that he turns immediately to scripture...
3) special revelation (the Bible) bests general revelation (nature) because the sacrifice of Christ is revealed in the Bible
4) Jesus' love for me, expressed to me in scripture, restores my heart when life sucks (either because of me or something outside me)
5) though i am encouraged by the gospel, and my heart is lifted by its glorious description of my glorious God, i'm quick to forget and i turn back to my favorite hobby: whining. (believe me, this is totally autobiographical.)
6) whining and fear and lauren's tendency to over-analysis all go together...
7) Lord Jesus, save me from me
8) as christians,we live in the already but not yet - we know Jesus, but not like we will; He is King, but not like He will be... this should make us HUNGER for His return, since that is when he will come get us and make everything right.

i'm going HOME tomorrow. :-D


aron said...

What a beautiful psalm; I'd never heard or read it before.