11:06 PM

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

so hopefully these will make up for my lack of posting lately. i will remedy that soon.

10:35 PM


harry potter and the deathly hallows = brilliant

my best friend's wedding = this weekend

my computer = rather sick and acting weird

details to follow in about five days

3:23 PM

Harry Potter Book Release

it's happening at midnight tonight. i am so excited i can't concentrate on my homework and i dreamed about it last night and my roommate and i keep talking about it. i swear, i'm not normally obsessive like this...

10:49 PM

Too Picky

i think i'm too picky to buy strawberries. i bought some today and then i cut off the bruises and such and DUDE i threw out a lot of them... growing white fuzzy things and weird stuff...

7:31 PM

gross moment of the day: i came home from running errands all excited to eat a salad for dinner because i have this great new balsamic vinaigrette dressing that you kinda make yourself and it's SOOOO yummy and so i'm pulling out the lettuce and the chicken and the carrots and the black olives and i reach into the back for the dressing and... it's FROZEN SOLID. it looked NASTY. so i put it in the microwave to defrost it - after all, it was in a glass bottle. that worked, but then it tasted weird. there are a couple of noises i would associate with it that are hard to spell, but "yelch" and "luh-aau" kinda get close.

11:12 PM

i have started sleeping with a sleep mask. you know, like the kind jennifer garner wore in 13 going on 30. it's comforting to have that over my face, and since there's a huge window by my bed, it's nice to have the light eliminated. but i feel slightly silly and very prissy wearing it, which is probably ridiculous since it only says "sweet dreams" on it and i got it at bed bath and beyond, for crying out loud. still, i grin sheepishly in the dark whenever i put it on. and i think i'd die of embarrassment if someone saw me sleeping in it.

is that stupid?

12:25 AM

i think i'm in love. i think i've gotten to the point where i don't need to look around anymore, i don't need to "know what my options are" - i need to commit.

it is such a privilege to have churchES to visit and to be able to choose one that isn't merely the best of your options, but actually one you're crazy about. i'm sure it has plenty of issues, and i'm sure i'll find them all in due time, but boy am i thrilled to have found it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the next membership class is in a little over a month. i'll be in it.

meanwhile i'll be hunting down my niche.

*sigh of relief*

10:58 PM

i have decided to stop titling things unless i have a really rocking title in mind. i cannot count the number of times i have not posted because i couldn't come up with a decent title. i have since decided that this is stupid.

i think a part of my brain is dead. i haven't had a good joke on here of my own invention in soooooo long i'm starting to worry me. "like the cheese." - do they get any better than that? i miss the days when my wit was keen and my fingers quick, like butter on a bald monkey.

that one was for rex and ruth ann, neither of whom read this blog as far as i know.

it's weird living in charlotte. people talk about different things. maybe it's because i'm now an "adult" who listens to local talk radio as she runs errands, but it seems like the local news is more dramatic here. jim black, who apparently was the speaker of the nc house, was sentenced to like 63 months in federal prison for a weird, chiropractic, civil version of simony. (63 months? how random is that!?!) i mean, this stuff doesn't happen in texas... probably because if it did, someone would pull out a shotgun and the federal prison would have an extra slot for international drug cartel lads.

has anyone noticed the plethora of fantastic movies out this summer? who wants to buy me movie tickets??

i joined the folks over at rocksmyfaceoff.net. yay.

sandra and derek's baby was born july 4, and his name is rhodes. you can see a pic on sandra's peg board page at rmfo.

12:05 AM

do you ever work really hard to craft the perfect sentence, mulling over in your head time and again the words, tweaking and changing and altering them until you forget the thought that got you going to begin with? i've been doing that alot lately.

i just finished reading a book called the historian, which was extremely bizarre and also one of the best books i've read in a while. if i were to list the best books i've read that were written in the past century(adult - you know my thing for kids books, but i think a respectable number of books in children's lit were written in the last century), it wouldn't be terribly long, but this book would definitely be on it. maybe i should do that sometime...

anyway, the historian is on sale right now at bn.com, so i'd head over there if you're interested in a $5.00 book. it's about 650 pages, but i read it in basically 4 days (while doing lots of other things, of course). the story is about vampires and dracula and all sorts of weird stuff like that, but it's also not at all. it occurs across many times and involves many "historical documents." the literary value of the novel is positively delicious. good times, eh?