4:02 PM

I Got Tagged...

(thanks a lot, micah)

Five Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me:

1) I love horses. I really want one (not now, of course, but someday). I have been obsessed with horses since about the embryonic stage. I've actually taken up riding lessons again only recently, but considering the number of times I've tried to look up horses for sale on the internet, I think it's fair to say my interest never waned in the interim years between lessons in middle school and lessons now.

2) My favorite color is pink. Now, this is not to say that I believe everything should be pink - my living room is earth tones (blacks and browns and greens mostly); my china is mostly white and green; my clothes are mostly not pink; my hair is not pink; I would never paint my horse pink... you get the idea. Anyway, I do like the color. I like it in flowers and lipstick and nail polish, as frosting and strawberry drinks and some clothes, in sunsets and rosy cheeks (especially of small children) and puppy tongues. To name a few.

3) My favorite sport is quad walking. Basically, this entails 2-3 people walking around the quad on campus and talking. Extra points are earned when more than 10 laps ensue, which is common. Definitely more of a participation sport than an observation one, quad walking is particularly fun after sunset. Runners up for the position include volleyball and basketball (just watching though).

4) I like to buy people presents.

5) All I want for graduation is seasons 2-5 of Dharma and Greg on DVD. Unfortunately, I don't think they make them any more. :-(

2:29 PM

So I Haven't Written in a While...

but that's only because i haven't had anything to say. it's good for me to occasionally shut up. :)

8:28 PM

WTS - Dallas

so today i visited westminster theological seminary, dallas campus. i loved it. sure, it's tinier than an ant, but they have elliot greene, who is reportedly the greatest biblical languages prof in the country. after today, i believe it. amazing guy, amazing class. how very presbyterian it seems to me that GRAMMAR bespeaks THEOLOGY. i'm excited.

the biggest downside of wts is that, for someone like me, there aren't really scholarship opportunities, and thanks to my more than amazing parents, i am not going to be left high and dry. they have offered to - well, insisted on - paying for seminary. obviously it would be super helpful to have some help from the school or funds or whatever, but most people don't have parents willing to help out. they need it more than i do.

at least seminary is cheaper than my college. by a TON.