12:10 PM

This Year's Incoming College Freshman...

saw the entire high school musical phenomenon unfold during their own high school years.

for some reason, that is weird to me.

5:58 PM

And So It Begins...

well, folks, i am officially living the dream. i mean, i'm not THERE yet, but we had new intern orientation last week in atlanta for RUF, and y'all, i am SO excited about all this! and i'm officially an RUF employee as of last monday! and now, in addition to taking 2 classes this summer (i'm on the tail end of one right now, and next week i'll be in dc taking the other one), my job = raising support! that way i can actually move to Houston and work with students!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, so i am a little excited. anyway. if you think of it, pray for me and that God will bring in the money i need to do this crazy-awesome thing He has called me to.

way more updates coming soon, but i wanted to give the quick one.

(ps - if you are so inclined, you may follow the link in my sidebar now to donate money to my work with RUF at rice.)