4:17 AM

The Dark Knight

if you weren't planning on seeing it, i probably wouldn't encourage you. and if you hate explosions, can't handle diagrams of the human body, or break out in hives if not every loose end is tied up perfectly (remember, heath ledger died before they could finish filming all the scenes that they'd planned, although they do a decent wrap-up if you consider that), maybe you should avoid it. it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

that said, it was AWESOME. as far as i know, the best comic book movie ever made - and i have professional comic book peeps who concur. the acting is fabulous, the visuals are fabulous, the dialogue is great. you get a number of opportunities to laugh. and, most dear to my heart of all these things, justice and goodness and self sacrifice are the victors. i loved it, to be quite simple. loved it loved it loved it.

then again, batman is my favorite superhero anyway. but that's another post.

2:18 PM

Andrew Peterson Baccalaureate Address

yay the Gospel. (how's that for an understatement?)

ps i'm pretty sure i spelled baccalaureate wrong. and i don't care.

9:48 PM

Well Hello There

sorry i've been so silent. the health problems drama has gotten, well, more dramatic, and i just haven't had many thoughts. this kind of pain numbs my brain apparently.

other big news:

~ i tried on a pair of manolo blahniks, and i can see why people find them so comfortable and awesome, but shoes that run $440 ON SALE seem a little extreme to me.
~ went to branson, mo, with the 'rents to get my sister from K1, where she'd been a counselor - and we saw some amazing shows, including The Promise, which was a musical about the life of Christ that remarkably avoided cheesiness for the most part. the guy who played Jesus was fantastic.
~ Get Smart was stupid. fun, but stupid.
~ i am reading Gone with the Wind for the first time. i really like it, but i'm appalled at the way black people are discussed. i'd really love to hear a black person's opinion on the subject, particularly one descended from slaves. i'll google it probably after finish this post.
~ i love I Kings.