11:12 PM

Oscar Dresses

sadly and atypically bad this year, or just boring. there have been a number of great skirts on the bottom of awful bodices....

so far, my favorites are cameron diaz's dress (although it looks like it's not the right size for her), anne hathaway's dress, hillary swank's dress, cate blanchett's dress (yay pregnancy!), laura linney's dress, kelly preston (although most people could never pull this color off), helen mirren's dress, and jennifer garner's dress. i would link to them directly, but since i'm having trouble copy-pasting urls into the link thing, i'll do this:

cameron diaz: http://fabsugar.com/1069663
anne hathaway: http://fabsugar.com/gallery/233903/?page=0,0,0&show=large
hillary swank: http://fabsugar.com/1069712
cate blanchett: http://fabsugar.com/1069896
laura linney: http://fabsugar.com/1069493
kelly preston: http://fabsugar.com/1069522
helen mirren: http://fabsugar.com/gallery/233930/?page=0,5,0&show=large
jennifer garner: http://fabsugar.com/1069632

props to ellen page and jennifer hudson for cleavage-less dresses. and jessica alba looked adorable except for the fur, which was dreadful.

too bad juno didn't win more stuff.


12:18 AM


so a couple weeks ago when i went to visit my sister, i saw some typical south carolina fare:

the South Carolina peach, which my best friend and i lovingly refer to as "the butt"

oh yes, walmart... where "i'd rather be fishing" and "JESUS" license plates are kindred merchandise

And then I found this, which pretty much made my day:

heck yes, john piper!

1:40 AM


what were your favorites as a kid? my parents didn't really do the whole lullaby thing, but my grandfather used to sing us some lullaby that i to this day think makes no sense. oh well. the fact that i remember it says something, right?

the reason i bring this up is that friday night i babysat for the children of one of my pastors. they are four and two, boy and girl, and they were absolutely angelic. they were sweet to each other, they helped clean up, they went to bed happily and quietly. they were a joy. we laughed and chased each other and made faces and it was fun.

apparently their nightly routine is to brush their teeth, each pick a book, be read to together, be sung to, and then they cuddle up in their bed or crib (depending on which kid we're talking here) with their white noise background, their blankies, and their stuffed toys, and fall asleep. no whining, no "can i have a cup of water?", no kicking or running around naked. the ideal babysitting job.

so they brushed their teeth. and austin went potty. and they picked out their books - clifford and the kitty, and mommies are for counting stars. we climbed onto austin's bed and read them. then i asked, "what should i sing for you?" and they said, "the giant goo goo song!" well i don't know about you, but i, for one, am not familiar with that one, so i said, "i don't know it - pick something else. how about a song from church?" (i figured that was the biggest amount of common ground we could have. little did i know...) austin says, "sing 'life is a highway.'"

so i did.

1:22 AM

on an entirely different note that my post from 8 minutes ago...

ampersand is awesome. i would go get it if i were you.

gotta love derek and sandra.

1:17 AM

Van Til Quote

as cited in Richard Pratt's He Gave Us Stories, p. 395:

"The consistency that is found in the believer is correspondent to the consistency that is found in God. This consistency in the believer consists in willingess to think God's thoughts after him, in willingness to do God's will after him, and to feel God's feelings after him."

ok that last one is what gets me.

do you think van til means "consistency" as in "what is the consistency of this polenta?" or "are you going to commit to consistency in your walk-like-an-elephant exercise class?"

do you think this is true?

does anyone have van til's Introduction to Systematic Theology who wouldn't mind looking it up? (it should be on p. 245)

1:16 AM

New Semester

thought i'd fill y'all in on the new schedule. just for kicks.

1-4 advanced biblical exegesis (ABX) with drs cara and belcher

8-12 genesis-joshua with dr currid
1-4 admissions work (chick recruiting)

8:30-12 history II with dr fortson
1-3 authority and origin of the new testament canon with dr kruger
3-4 admissions work (chick recruiting)

nothin' on the schedule

1-5:30ish putting in hours at church (yay children's ministry!)

other important facts about the semester's flow include a move (within charlotte, don't get excited) at the end of march, a visit from mom at the end of february/beginning of march, and an as yet to-be-determined visit by my super-close friend and cousin emily sometime. so yay!!! it's gonna be a wild ride.

6:39 PM

Yay a Hymn!

As you have noticed if you've been reading this blog for more than a year, this year I'm not blogging a hymn a day for Lent. Frankly this is due to two facts, the first being that I'm somewhat maxed out on hymns I know; the second being that I am crazy-busy these days.

That said, I thought I would post this hymn we sang this morning. It's so good to be reminded that the best is yet to come.

Draw Me Nearer
i am Thine, O Lord, i have heard Your voice,
and it told Your love to me
but i long to rise in the arms of faith
and be closer drawn to Thee

draw me nearer to the cross where Thou hast died
draw me nearer to Your precious, bleeding side

there are great depths of love that i cannot know
till i cross the narrow sea
there are heights of joy that i may not reach
til i rest in peace with Thee

draw me nearer to the cross where Thou hast died
draw me nearer to Your precious, bleeding side

consecrate me now to Your service, Lord,
by the power of grace divine
let my soul look up with a steadfast hope
and my will be lost in Thine

draw me nearer to the cross where Thou hast died
draw me nearer to Your precious, bleeding side

12:14 AM

My Funny Roommate

her name is kristen, and she just made the following statement:

"i've been practicing touching my eyeball."

the end.