11:12 PM

Oscar Dresses

sadly and atypically bad this year, or just boring. there have been a number of great skirts on the bottom of awful bodices....

so far, my favorites are cameron diaz's dress (although it looks like it's not the right size for her), anne hathaway's dress, hillary swank's dress, cate blanchett's dress (yay pregnancy!), laura linney's dress, kelly preston (although most people could never pull this color off), helen mirren's dress, and jennifer garner's dress. i would link to them directly, but since i'm having trouble copy-pasting urls into the link thing, i'll do this:

cameron diaz: http://fabsugar.com/1069663
anne hathaway: http://fabsugar.com/gallery/233903/?page=0,0,0&show=large
hillary swank: http://fabsugar.com/1069712
cate blanchett: http://fabsugar.com/1069896
laura linney: http://fabsugar.com/1069493
kelly preston: http://fabsugar.com/1069522
helen mirren: http://fabsugar.com/gallery/233930/?page=0,5,0&show=large
jennifer garner: http://fabsugar.com/1069632

props to ellen page and jennifer hudson for cleavage-less dresses. and jessica alba looked adorable except for the fur, which was dreadful.

too bad juno didn't win more stuff.



Micah said...

Yay for No Country for Old Men. (One of the few times I've agreed on the winner.)