1:40 AM


what were your favorites as a kid? my parents didn't really do the whole lullaby thing, but my grandfather used to sing us some lullaby that i to this day think makes no sense. oh well. the fact that i remember it says something, right?

the reason i bring this up is that friday night i babysat for the children of one of my pastors. they are four and two, boy and girl, and they were absolutely angelic. they were sweet to each other, they helped clean up, they went to bed happily and quietly. they were a joy. we laughed and chased each other and made faces and it was fun.

apparently their nightly routine is to brush their teeth, each pick a book, be read to together, be sung to, and then they cuddle up in their bed or crib (depending on which kid we're talking here) with their white noise background, their blankies, and their stuffed toys, and fall asleep. no whining, no "can i have a cup of water?", no kicking or running around naked. the ideal babysitting job.

so they brushed their teeth. and austin went potty. and they picked out their books - clifford and the kitty, and mommies are for counting stars. we climbed onto austin's bed and read them. then i asked, "what should i sing for you?" and they said, "the giant goo goo song!" well i don't know about you, but i, for one, am not familiar with that one, so i said, "i don't know it - pick something else. how about a song from church?" (i figured that was the biggest amount of common ground we could have. little did i know...) austin says, "sing 'life is a highway.'"

so i did.


Micah said...

Oh please, please videotape it next time!

Darren said...

That's awesome! I love it. As for your request, I don't remember my parents singing any lullabies to me. I remember listening to "Adventures in Oddyssey" as I fell asleep, though.

Laur said...

whoohoo adventures in odyssey! i was maybe just a little bit obsessed with those. i can still maybe quote a ridiculous number of lines from it.