10:20 PM


my used copy of the glorious body of Christ smells of smoke. and by "smells" i mean "reeks to high heaven."

can you count the ways?

12:59 AM


so, after sheer insanity, i finally am emerging from radio silence and giving you some pictures from my life for the last few weeks. they aren't very exciting. ;)

my sister came to visit in the middle of my paper writing. we had fun, despite the fact that i was working like a dog quite a bit of the time and sick as a dog for more of the time.

not sure which roommate brought home these flowers, but they are beautiful, aren't they?

ruf support letters! lots of them!

studying is hard work! old exams help.

katie and i went out for a fancy seafood dinner. :)

we have had LOADS of storms and rain and craziness. beautiful, isn't it?

paper writing - this one was on the reasons for the differences between the blessings of the 12 tribes in genesis 49 and deuteronomy 33. sounds like it wouldn't be fascinating, but it so was.

went to visit friends at wake. this advert for the lilting banshees comedy troupe made me laugh and brought back memories from times gone by.

this is what my bed looked like an awful lot during the past few weeks. lots and lots of books. can you tell facebook is up and there's an agatha christie book in the back? a girl's gotta have some breaks or her brain will fry.