1:05 AM


... the owie on my left knee (i have one on each - thanks, volleyball) is named hamilton. so says super-roomie emily.

we lost in the second round of the playoffs today - the girls, that is. (the corec team lost two weeks ago when i was in st. louis.) and i dove for a ball and now there's nasty oozy stuff all over my knees.

my car doesn't work. did i tell you this? it blows fuses whenever i start it, and the dudes at the dealership are wracking their brains trying to figure out what in tarnation to do. don't you love that?

12:07 AM

I'm Still Alive

things have been extremely nuts, though...

i have done alot of cool things since i wrote last. i went to visit covenant seminary. i bought a ton of christmas presents. i hung out with my fam and went to my sister's tournament. my car stopped starting, and now i have the pleasure of replacing a fuse every time i start the car. i'm taking it to get fixed on monday.

oh, and i've read a heap of novels.

you might luck out and i might tell you more about some of this, but at the moment i have a horrid headache and need to sleep before church in the morning.

consider this my shoutout to my homies.

2:37 AM

O Christ, Our King, Creator, Lord

o Christ, our King, Creator, Lord
Savior of all who trust Thy Word
to them who seek Thee ever near
now to our praises bend Thine ear

in Thy dear cross a grace is found
it flows from every streaming wound
Whose power our inbred sin controls
it breaks the bond and frees our souls

Thou didst create the stars of night
yet Thou hast veiled in flesh Thy light
hast deigned a mortal form to wear
a mortal's painful lot to bear

when Thou didst hang upon the tree
the quaking earth acknowleged Thee
when Thou didst there yield up Thy breath
the world grew dark as shades of death

now in the Father's glory high
Great Conqueror never more to die
us by Thy mighty power defend
and reign through ages without end

12:06 AM

Warning: This Is Kinda Gross

so last night, i was innocently sitting on my couch reading persuasion for my jane austen class, when something flew straight into my ear. i didn't even know the thing was in my apartment, and all of the sudden it was in ME. and it wouldn't come out. i shook my head and i tugged on my ear and i tried to convince it to come out, but it surely didn't. it just crawled further in. it had tickled at first, but then it started to hurt. alot.

i called my parents, but they didn't have much advice. mom suggested trying to drown it by pouring water into my ear, so i did... nothing.

i called my roommate, who was at the time about an hour and a half away. her fiance (my cousin) suggested trying the vacuum-cleaner approach, but to be careful not to let it touch the skin on my head or it would suck out my brains. decided not to try that alone.

called my friend anne, who is very medically minded (and well-stocked on tips from her doctor father) to ask her advice. she said to hop in the shower and hold my head on one side, letting the water from the showerhead run in it constantly and try to flush it out. apparently that's the method doctors use in trying to extricate stuff from ears. so i stood there in the shower for what felt like forever. waiting. w.a.i.t.i.n.g. starting to wonder if i was going mad around minute 6. then all of the sudden, a bug appeared in the water at my feet.

in the aftermath, my poor ear feels like it's been beaten up. it is highly unpleasant for the ear to deal with such intrusion, particularly of the crawling, fluttering, winged sort. i hope never to repeat that experience. yelch.

how big was it? it was bigger than a big mosquito, but not much bigger.

who even knew this happened to people?

12:14 AM

Linguistic Thoughts

today's OED word of the day? "headcase"

meanwhile, in other linguistic news, here are some words and phrases i wish we used more often these days:
"various and sundry"
"poppycock and balderdash"
"exceedingly fascinating"

here are some words i hate:

12:54 AM

i've been awol

and i know it. but things got nuts after my splendid birthday party - or rather starting then - and i'm a busy girl. tomorrow is like a haven - my one class has been cancelled, and i'm not going to set my alarm and i'm going to take a dear friend formal dress shopping and i'm going to work on a paper and we have a volleyball game (of course).

thankfully, we did better at today's game. much better, in fact. we almost won! it was kinda trippy.

i have five papers to write before the end of the term, and a trip to st louis and thanksgiving in between now and then. it's kinda intense.

things are looking not only up, but downright ducky.

12:57 AM

Yeppers, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am now officially 22... well, in 4 minutes. Assuming it's determined by the time zone you were born in, that is.

1:48 AM


best birthday party EVER...thrown HERE...by my best friend...for me.

it was phenomenal.

i am exhausted.

12:17 AM

A Few Facts and a Few Funny Bumper Stickers

~ our co-rec team lost again tonight. my mantra is coming back to haunt me - the point of volleyball is to learn to laugh at yourself.
~ my paper is in.
~ it is drop-dead gorgeous out these days, which is surprising since it's NOVEMBER and still in the 70s. in orlando i'd expect this; in north carolina, i'm more than a little bit like "whoa."
~ to me, october 31 will always mean reformation day.
~ if i am ever invited to an actual "halloween party," i want to go as the 95 theses.
~ i need to finish my app. for covenant ASAP.

be alert. the world needs more lerts.
i didn't climb to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian!
i'm still a hot babe, but now it comes in flashes.
of all the things i've lost, i miss my mind the most
rehab is for quitters.
does the name pavlov ring a bell?
i'm not tense, i'm just terribly, terribly alert.
so you're a feminist. isn't that cute?
without ME, it's just AWESO
EARTH FIRST! we'll stripmine the other planets later.

haha, tricked you! there actually is real substance in this post!
we sang this hymn for the first time last night at RUF. the only question about it i have is why it's set at night...
beautiful, scandalous night
go on up to the mountain of mercy
to the crimson perpetual tide
kneel down by the shore, be thirsty no more
go under a be purified

follow Christ to the holy mountain
sinner sorry and wrecked by the fall
be cleansed heart and soul, from the fountain that flows
redeemed us from sin once for all

at that wonderful, tragic, mysterious tree
on that beautiful, scandalous night, you and me
were atoned by His blood and forever washed white
on that beautiful, scandalous night

on the hillside you will be delivered
at the foot of the cross justified
and your spirit restored by the river that pours
from our blessed Savior's side

at that wonderful, tragic, mysterious tree
on that beautiful, scandalous night, you and me
were atoned by His blood and forever washed white
on that beautiful scandalous night