1:05 AM


... the owie on my left knee (i have one on each - thanks, volleyball) is named hamilton. so says super-roomie emily.

we lost in the second round of the playoffs today - the girls, that is. (the corec team lost two weeks ago when i was in st. louis.) and i dove for a ball and now there's nasty oozy stuff all over my knees.

my car doesn't work. did i tell you this? it blows fuses whenever i start it, and the dudes at the dealership are wracking their brains trying to figure out what in tarnation to do. don't you love that?


Frank Martens said...

Volleyball rocks! Bummer ya'll lost.

And your car probably has a short in the wiring somewhere (or well that'd be my first guess :). I'm suprised the technicians can't figure out a voltmeter in order to check the voltage output. Too much voltage can cause problems like this :(

But enough physics.