9:48 PM

Well Hello There

sorry i've been so silent. the health problems drama has gotten, well, more dramatic, and i just haven't had many thoughts. this kind of pain numbs my brain apparently.

other big news:

~ i tried on a pair of manolo blahniks, and i can see why people find them so comfortable and awesome, but shoes that run $440 ON SALE seem a little extreme to me.
~ went to branson, mo, with the 'rents to get my sister from K1, where she'd been a counselor - and we saw some amazing shows, including The Promise, which was a musical about the life of Christ that remarkably avoided cheesiness for the most part. the guy who played Jesus was fantastic.
~ Get Smart was stupid. fun, but stupid.
~ i am reading Gone with the Wind for the first time. i really like it, but i'm appalled at the way black people are discussed. i'd really love to hear a black person's opinion on the subject, particularly one descended from slaves. i'll google it probably after finish this post.
~ i love I Kings.


Darren said...

Manolo blahniks? Sounds like something you get when you're bored or a strange tropical disease, not something you would spend $440 on.

Anonymous said...

There are some great Branson shows to see!