2:10 AM


i've been writing tons of letters lately - i have a stack sitting next to me of eleven completed epistles, most just in need of a stamp and trip to the mail box. i have always been a note-writer - several times in middle and high school i wrote letters to every single girl in the school - but now that i'm sick and my brain doesn't work very well on things (like the class i'm working on virtually), letter-writing is one of the few things i still feel capable to do. i am anxious to get back to normal, but as it stands, writing letters is a profitable diversion. i've been reading an incredibly ridiculous amount, as i believe i have mentioned before, but letter-writing is more externally focused, which is good. and you know, it's always nice when you get a letter in the mail instead of bills or credit card offers - i'm just making sure it happens more often. :)

not that i don't love me some email.