8:28 PM

WTS - Dallas

so today i visited westminster theological seminary, dallas campus. i loved it. sure, it's tinier than an ant, but they have elliot greene, who is reportedly the greatest biblical languages prof in the country. after today, i believe it. amazing guy, amazing class. how very presbyterian it seems to me that GRAMMAR bespeaks THEOLOGY. i'm excited.

the biggest downside of wts is that, for someone like me, there aren't really scholarship opportunities, and thanks to my more than amazing parents, i am not going to be left high and dry. they have offered to - well, insisted on - paying for seminary. obviously it would be super helpful to have some help from the school or funds or whatever, but most people don't have parents willing to help out. they need it more than i do.

at least seminary is cheaper than my college. by a TON.