1:11 AM

Nominate Will Smith for an Oscar

just got back from a family viewing of the pursuit of happyness, and lemme tell you right now, you need to go see it. go see it, take 25 friends with you. see it with your mom, your dad, your cousin moe, your sister leslie, your room mate curly. we'll see in the longhaul, but i think it has really changed my understanding of three major things: hard work and determination, family, and material possessions. add in there the importance of the church being charitable - it hasn't changed my understanding of that so much as intensified it soooooooooo much. and it's making me ask questions about whether capitalism has good consequences without the church's heavy involvement in loving people in practical ways.

i am exhausted, but i need to wrap my sister's gift before i go to sleep.

merry christmas!


Darren said...

That movie looked pretty good, and I've always liked Will Smith as an actor. I'll have to go see it now.