12:30 AM

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

Christ the Lord is risen today - allelujah
all creation join to say - allelujah
raise your joys and triumphs high - allejuah
sing, ye heavens, and earth reply! - allelujah

love's redeeming work is done - allelujah
fought the fight, the battle won - allelujah
death in vain forbids Him rise - allelujah
Christ has opened paradise - allelujah

lives again our glorious King - allelujah
where, o death, is now thy sting? - allelujah
once He died our souls to save - allelujah
where thy victory, o grave? - allelujah

soar we now where Christ has led - allelujah
following our exalted Head - allelujah
made like Him, like Him we rise - allelujah
ours the cross, the grave, the skies - allelujah!
no, this song wasn't hard to find. i gave up on "all authority and power" because it was just not working for me. maybe we'll sing it tomorrow at church and i can get it from there. it's a great song.

anyway, here's my thoughts on this one:
1) the doctrine of imputation - that what belongs to and was done by Christ is now ours. "made like Him, like Him we rise; ours the cross, the grave, the skies" - isn't htat beautiful?
2) Jesus loves us. He loves us SO much. and, dude, He's ALIVE. how amazing is that?
3) He is tougher than death. He is stronger than sin. He is our God and our Savior.
4) "love's redeeming work is done" - wow. "it is finished" indeed.