2:43 PM

Another Couple of Odyssey Quotes

connie: "you're a boy, which naturally means you don't know the first thing about girls. i'm a girl, which..."
eugene: "...naturally means that you know everything there is to know about boys and girls."
connie: "exactly!"
eugene: "what?!"
from an episode that spoofed star trek...
voice-over: "space. one of the last places to be explored. these are the journeys of the starship aerobicise, on a five year mission to explore strange new worlds. to seek out new life with new spin-off series, to saturate the market with action figures and plastic pointy ears. it's Star Trip, starring, william shattered."

crock: "'thou shalt not grab jackets.' i'm not familiar with that verse."
captain: "maybe it's one of those new translations."

captain: "zuzu, what's our position?"
zuzu: "we're pretty close, sir."
captain: "and what's our present speed?"
zuzu: "really fast."
captain: "arrival time?"
zuzu: "uh, not too long."