12:06 AM

All Praise to Christ

all praise to Christ, our Lord and King divine
yielding His glory in His love's design
that in our darkened hearts His grace might shine

Christ came to us in lowliness of thought
by Him the outcast and the poor were sought
and by His death was our redemption bought

He was a servant that we might be free
humbling Himself to death on calvary

and so we see in God's great purpose how
Christ has been raised above all creatures now
and at His Name will every nation bow
this hymn has been the single hardest to track down, and most of it i had to rely on my memory for. tomorrow's is almost tied with it ("all authority and power") in this respect. therefore, the first line of the third verse is missing. sorry about that. i can't find it anywhere without paying like 9 pounds (the english money kind, not flesh - no worries).
1) i just like the lyricism of this song. it's so pretty form a literary standpoint.
2) "yielding His glory in His love's design, that in our darkened hearts His grace might shine" - i mean, really, how incredible is that?! of course, we know that in the end this means more glory for our God - both because of His great love as evidenced in His great sacrifice, and because He gets us in the bargain. :)
3) Christ comes down low - to our level - and seeks the low - which would be us. and yet in the same breath we can proclaim " and by His death was our redemption bought!" allelujah indeed.
4) stanza three makes me think of this: "for our sake He made Him Who knew no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God." (2 cor. 5:21)
5) amazing how God's self-humbling becomes His glorification, and how all the low-ness of this incarnation and passion buisness was "in God's great purpose."

how great is our God?!