12:36 AM

Thoughts (assuming they deserve that title)

today has been highly - HIGHLY - productive, so i have time to write more than lent stuff, which i already did earlier. so now i just get to ramble.

my schedule next semester is going to be SO weird. my first class on m/w/f will be at 1:00, but my first class t/th will be at 9:30. and at the moment it will be my ONLY class on t/th. but i have this directed reading thing that has to be scheduled and then voice that has to be scheduled and of course there's this lovely thing called I WILL LIVE OFF CAMPUS that means that i will be cooking ALOT (thank You, Jesus!) and hosting alot and hanging out alot and YAY i'm SO EXCITED. plans for next year are going well - i have to call the power company and the cable company and all those fun folks in the next few days to set up accounts, and we move in may 1. i have a signficant amount of stuff figured out - furniture purchased, borrowed, stolen (jk); ISP determined; moving situation figured out; glasses and china and other such things purchased. we're looking pretty good and i am PUMPED.

oh, and when i GO HOME FOR EASTER, i'm getting to interview with the b&n children's section head and hopefully will come back with a real summer job! no more cutco ever again!

boy i am all over the place tonight... and you'll notice i'm not being particularly heady. that's because i have no brain left.

i like salmon.

i want to sleep not on an airmattress on a bad dorm mattress on a springy thing ever again! thankfully, at least i'll be in my own bed in only a few nights - let's see, in... 3 nights from now! holy moley! :-D

guess what?! i am so totally writing a paper on marriage vs. being live-in lovers for one of my english classes! it's really cool because it'll be fun and relatively wholesome, which if you and i have talked about that class at all (af am lit post vietnam) you know is tough to pull off given the books we've been reading. but one of the books i'm using is this fabulous, amazing book - second book (not counting the Bible) ever to make me cry. it was called Mama Day, and it was even better than a breath of fresh air in the middle of belen in iquitos, peru.

i'm kinda gonna be sad when lent is over. i have really really enjoyed and benefitted from all this blogging-about-a-propitiatory-atonement-hymn-every-day stuff. i might keep doing hymns and just change themes... thoughts?


Micah said...

I like the hymns but I also like the other stuff including the incoherrent late-night ramblings.