2:13 AM

Are You Sitting Down?

i am crazier about shane & shane pretty much as the days go by. today's song-that-grabbed-me is called "God Did" and the reason is mostly because of the chorus (which is musically gorgeous, by the way): "are you sitting down, with all your sin and shame all stored up? are you ready to live? for what the law could not do, God did." the amazing thing about this to me is just how i do it and i don't need to - i sit in my sin, wallowing like a pig in a mud puddle - with shame and sin. what in the world am i thinking? and the thing is that God has done what the law cannot do - save me. that means that all my sin and shame (which i know about because of the law, both the one written on my heart and the one written on paper) doesn't have to be a part of my life anymore - in fact, it ISN'T if i am really a daughter of the King. so the bottom line is, if i am a princess, i should live like one. princesses are not pigsty material - LIFE awaits me.