1:00 AM


so, it's only the reading day and i'm still so far gone that i'm ready to propose to someone who talks like keats and has the heart of jonathan edwards - and i don't even believe in women proposing! and i seriously can't stand poetry normally. the edwards thing, well that's pretty standard for me. what is the deal with keats? then again, if he was good enough for henry higgins, he's good enough for me... right?

i'm hot. i wonder if the guys in the lounge will let me open a window.

it is 1 am and i have at least to get through page 3 on my mama day/chaneysville paper. and i have a hankering (obviously) to write about keats, which is my other paper. and tomorrow is the af am lit post vietnam final. and saturday is the astronomy final. thank God for sunday. then of course there's the fun and exciting world of the greek exam on monday morning and the realtor's office monday afternoon. tuesday is moving day. wednesday morning is the history of english common law exam (remind me why i ever wanted to take that class?) . and i have to entirely move out and check out of my dorm by thursday night, but we don't leave for summer conference till sunday... can you believe i'm only at the beginning and i'm already this ridiculous?

i mean really... KEATS???

and on top of that, my nose itches.