12:57 AM

What If CSI Stood For...

...candles still illuminate?

that was just a random way to start this update.

so the chocolate chocolate chip cake was a hit, even though i didn't exactly do it as per the directions. i was short 2 oz. of sour cream, and i forgot the tablespoon of vanilla, but it was still really good. in the future i'll fix all that, use fewer chocolate chips (it was a wee bit overwhelming), and top it off with powdered sugar. i think that'll take it from good to great.

phantom is great. personally, though, i can't figure out why everyone is in love with the phantom and not raoul. helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo - raoul is freakin' awesome. bad boys are SO overrated, mostly because they're BAD. (not rocket science, but you'd be surprised - or maybe not - at how delusional girls can be about these things...)

i got to listen to paige brown's talk on the kingdom from the WIC conference in atlanta while i was prepping for tonight - it was even better this time than the last time i heard her give it (at summer conference a few years ago). that whole concept and the dichotomy of the church and the kingdom is what i want to unpack next fall at l'abri. i'm so excited it makes me slightly more spastic even than normal.

i love milk.

oh, guess what - i'm REALLY sore, but not nearly so bad as in high school. then, since we did frog hops (though coach had to go easy on me because of my back) and wall sits and all that stuff, i would hobble around really badly and have to put my hand down to brace myself before dropping into my chair - i actually couldn't physically sit down. it was pretty awful. i'm glad to say i'm not nearly so bad off at the moment.

i don't like the new blue raspberry jolly ranchers. they taste funny. and my tongue FEELS blue even though i can't see it sitting here, drinking my milk and watching CSI and blogging. i can just tell, you know?

i got my finger- and toenails done today. it was delicious. hopefully it will help me stop picking at my fingers and ripping up my fingernails. they look so pretty - i would hate to ruin them.