12:37 AM

I Hate Accounting, &tc.

i. hate. money. this could explain why i hate accounting and balancing the blooming checkbook and all that sort of rot. drives me nuts. too bad it's part of every day life, eh? too bad i'm stuck with it.

i got to go for fall break to my sister's school for her family weekend, like i said. it was really great. my whole family descended en mass on the campus. it was great to be with my parents and the bug and my kate. :) wouldn't trade it for all the tea in china.

the hotel beds were EXTREMELY comfortable. i'm pretty much in love. it was like a nice cushy european bed with down comforters and the whole bit. it was fantastic. it helped my back alot, though i did have a lot of trouble at the football game. stupid backless bleachers... at any rate, this whole weekend (including watching the lovely film gridiron gang - bet it's never been called "lovely" before), coupled with some other brief viewings of IM football lately and a great book for dummies like me, resulted in what i believe to be quite a miracle: i like football.

yeah, that was the sound of hell freezing over. (at this rate, i may actually love it by the superbowl!)

i am hungry and tired. i think i shall take a shower.


Darren said...

Wow. The power of movies. Or maybe it was the hyphotic effect of the bed? :)

Micah said...