11:44 PM

Life Goes On

it's amazing how time never slows down. people have horrible things happen to them and the days just keep marching on. great things happen, too, and the world doesn't stop for one second to rejoice. the thing is, life comes at you at 60 seconds per minute all the time. and lately, as i've been dealing with those minutes being packed with hard things and watching my friends deal with similarly exhausting situations, i've come to realize that this is not only good practice for "real life" - like when the baby is up screaming at all hours of the night, or when your best friend's car dies at the mall and you have to go jump it - this IS real life. and Christ is with us always.

sandra's new cd has a fantastic song about time, distance, and lovers. i may not have a lover, but time and distance i kinda understand, and the song is beautiful. the best part is at the end, and i think it can accurately be applied to alot of things.

i have no claim on the future, so here i lay me down
and God is a friend to lovers, He makes the bone, the flesh, the ground
and He walks with us, make no mistake
He holds us when our hearts, they break...
this is not make believe

thank God that the sorrow and suffering of life, as well as its joys and ecstacies, are accompanied by a sovereign, loving, compassionate Heart with His people's best interests in mind. we are not abandoned or outside His grasp ever, no matter what happens and no matter how we feel about it.

ps the plethora of crummy things happening seems to have ended (?) or at least abated. the big trend-breaker? mom coming, of course. :)


Darren said...

Good song, Great truth :)

Joanna Martens said...

i hear ya girl...i like your blog.