12:40 AM

A Few Random Things

1) i am really excited about this website and the conference next may. i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that none of my friends decide to get married that weekend (hint hint) so i can go.
2) covenant seminary is now rivalling rts jackson for first place on the seminary list.
3) i hated moulin rouge. it was a really annoying mosaic of postmodernism, bohemian romanticism, and sin. oh, and bad music. i know, i know - i'm an awful english major/romantic.
4) x-men rocks.
5) this is a really fun way to spend time when you're trying to keep your brain from completely shutting down.
6) it is a really good thing that there is enough grace to float the worst sort of sinner, cause that would pretty much be me and my selfish self. i am really strongly coming to grips with how mean my heart can be.
7) there are a couple of machines i think someone ought to make. first, one to take out the trash. this one would probably have to be a robot, unfortunately... then, we need one to kill large spiders that take up residence in our doorway to the porch. and finally, i think we need a machine (or a computer program) that distills tolstoy's war and peace into a comprehensible, relatively interesting, reasonably lengthed house pet instead of the ridiculous, excruciatingly longwinded and meandering, monstrous beast it is now.