12:41 AM

Psalm 23

there's something supremely humbling, in my opinion, about nervously chanting psalm 23 over and over and over again as you drive the 1.7 miles between school and your house. it's humbling because, if you were me a couple of weeks ago, you were doing this to keep from a) hyperventilating and b) driving like a granny and being rear-ended. but the funny thing is, if you say something over and over again, it starts to hit you differently. the word "potluck" is a good example. personally, i think it sounds alot less like a meal-style and alot more like something to do with leprechauns...

anyway, psalm 23 (which i haven't been fond of if quite a while to be honest - it's so frequently quoted i've assumed that makes it trite, when in fact nothing can be less trite than the word of God - ever) has taken on a whole new weightiness, or rather, i understand more of the weightiness it has always borne.

i think that, despite the obvious timing issues, psalm 23 is an explication of romans 8:38-39. God is permanently with us, protecting and loving us, and that looks like...
...not lacking what we need (not necessarily for life even, but as piper says in don't waste your life, what we are given is what we need for faith)
...we hang out (spiritually) in restful, peaceful places
...our souls are restored (that obviously means they needed it!)
...we are led in "paths of righteousness for His Name's sake" - we are being sanctified -becoming holy like Christ - for the purpose not of people being amazed at us, but floored by the generosity, patience, and love of God
...we don't fear in the valley of the shadow of death (again, note that we still go there!) because we are accompanied by "our shield and defender, the ancient of days"
...we are comforted by His discipline
...(to be honest i'm not sure what the "prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies" is getting at - thoughts?)
...we are chosen and set apart (anointed)
...we are satisfied to overflowing
...we are tailed by twin bodyguards, goodness and mercy
...we will live with Jesus in His house forever



Darren said...

I too have found that I look at Psalm 23 differently. It used to be just a psalm I'd memorized and it didn't really mean much to me. Lately, it's become so much more real to me. And so much more powerful. There are just so many things in that psalm that impact and convict me. I love it. I hope I don't ever do that to scripture again. Unfortunately, I probably will.

Also, my thoughts on "prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies" is that because we are in the presence of God, we are at rest and at peace when confronted with our enemies. While we might be in danger from a worldly sense, we are at rest because we know that God is with us. I think it goes right back to what you said about Romans 8:38-39.