12:59 AM

CoRec RUF Volleyball Team Scores Its First Loss

depressing, eh?

and we had a shot at winning, but then i pulled my hamstring enough to slow me down, and that certainly didn't help. i think we have the potential for victory, though. :)


in other news, my russian masterworks in translation (fondly referred to as RMWT by...well, no one) professor just keeps getting sketchier and sketchier with his in class comments. trust me, i am NEVER going to office hours. heebeegeeeeeeeeeebees.

today he made a HIGHLY suggestive comment and then said, "i would go on, but i don't think i will." when provoked to elaborate, taking suggestive to a whole new level of disgusting, by one of the guys in my class, he said, "no, even i have my limits of how low i will go." and to think that there is an 82 year old retired french professor - who happens to be a very sweet old lady - having to put up with all of this! you'd think he had more decency!


also wanted to note that i'm reading Acts right now, and it's flippin' sweet, to quote napoleon dynamite. hopefully soon i'll post on some of that. :)