12:18 AM


it's that time of year, ladies and gentlemen - time for intramural volleyball. being the overachieving nutcase that i am, this year i am the captain of two (2) teams - one corec and one all girls. yummy, eh?

we had practice today and let me just say i am SORE and will probably not be able to sit down tomorrow. can you believe unathletic little me (ok, not so little) is engaging in athletic activity - voluntarily? why, you ask, are you breaking out of your mold? well, i am glad to say that when my soul was being created, and God didn't put in me the athleticism and such He would impart to my sister and brother, He decided to make volleyball an exception. i'm actually quite good, considering. and i actually like it. weird, huh?

in other news, tomorrow i am making a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake and then watching "the phantom of the opera" with some friends. i'll let you know how it goes.

chicks dig scars and glory lives forever.


Darren said...

I love volleyball! I play volleyball almost every week with my church's college group. I'm not too bad, but that's only because I'm the tallest person playing :)

Chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake and phantom of the opera? Sounds like a dark night ;) Is it the new version with the phantom that can't hit all the notes? He kind of devolves into the Scott Stapp growl on the higher ones. But then again, I've don't think I've ever heard a guy hit those notes well.

Laur said...

yay volleyball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a pretty light-hearted night for the most part, but it had it's moments... ;-) and yeah, it was the version of phantom you so generously refer to (haha). but i have to ask - who is scott stapp?

Micah said...

Scott Stapp is the former lead singer of Creed (and I feel very old now if you don't remember Creed). Here's an interesting article about him in Christianity Today: http://www.christianitytoday.com/music/interviews/2004/scottstapp-0804.html