12:42 AM

I Think...

...that my favorite movie is "pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl." i just don't think there is any way around it.

and really bad eggs.


Anonymous said...

oh my that reminds me of freshman year! so, does this mean you saw the second one and were not very impressed?

Lauren said...

i did see the second - twice - and didn't like it near as much as the first, although it was ok. i still love will turner, though at the end of "dead man's chest" he's the only good guy left it seems. i watched the first one with my family last night (mom had never seen it) so she would know what was going on tonight when we went to see it. i had seen it before, but mom and dad had not. (kj has, but he's at camp anyway - we dropped him off today.) incidentally, kj loved it SO much, and my parents didn't like it at all. i'm trying not to take it personally.

"curse of the black pearl" is so hilarious and sweet and poignant at times without taking itself too seriously - i was just reminded last night of how much i love it.