12:36 AM

Music Meme

i am totally making this up as i go.

1. Favorite Song of All Time: Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed?
2. Favorite Singer: tie between Sandra McCracken and Andrew Peterson
Favorite Song by Sandra McCracken: No More Tears
Favorite Song by Andrew Peterson: Carried Along
3. Favorite Band: Shane & Shane
Favorite Song by Shane & Shane: The Answer
Runners Up: Psalm 118, You Said, Song of Surrender, Hosea
4. Favorite Band from the 90s: Out of the Grey
Favorite Song by Out of the Grey: three-way tie between Remember This, Disappear, and My God You Are (Psalm 22)
5. Favorite Singer from the 80s: Sandi Patti. So sue me.
Favorite Song by Sandi Patti: Via Dolorosa
6. Favorite Country Song: Somebody's Hero
7. Favorite Country Band of the Moment: The Wreckers
Favorite Song by The Wreckers: Leave the Pieces
8. Favorite Disney Channel Singer/Band: Aly & AJ
Favorite Song by Aly & AJ: Slow Down
9. Favorite U2 Song: Grace
10. Favorite Movie Soundtrack: Shrek 2
Runner Up: Sweet Home Alabama
11. Favorite Broadway Musical Soundtrack: Aida
12. Favorite Psych-Up Music for Basketball Games: Soul Survivor
13. Not Mentioned Old Favorite Singers/Bands*: Amy Grant, Cindy Morgan, Babbie Mason, Point of Grace, Bebo Norman, Caedmon's Call
14. Single Album You Would Take on a Road Trip: Carry Away by Shane & Shane
15. Single Artist's Work You Would Take on a Desert Island for the Rest of Your Life: Indelible Grace (hey, it counts)
16. Favorite Love Song: "Springtime Indiana" by Sandra McCracken
Runner Up: "A Page Is Turned" by Bebo Norman
17. Favorite Song by Someone Not Mentioned: "She Must and Shall Go Free" by Derek Webb

* I actually still listen to alot of Bebo and Caedmon's. They just don't make the top of the list.