11:48 PM

SpongeBob Hater

*disclaimer: i don't actually hate spongebob, though i'm not exactly a big fan. that's just what my brother suggested i title this sucker.

katie's home! (that would be my sister.)

also of note: i'm hungry, i love justice, and i would like to see "my super exgirlfriend."

i am addicted to the flipword game on yahoo.

i really need to start reading my oscar wilde biography - it's sooooooooooooo long though.

i have to review my brother's latin stuff and teach him now to study. it'll be interesting.


Darren said...

I thought you liked long books ;)

Laur said...

typically, but there's only so much of his parents' philosophies of baby naming and tales of their philandering i can handle...

so far he's only made it to age 12. shoot me now.