11:17 PM

Kill or Be Killed

tim tinsley preached a lovely sermon yesterday on romans 8:12-17 about the doctrine of adoption. here are some great quotes and thoughts from it.

God doesn't invite us into His kingdom to clean us up and make us presentable. He does not let us stay with Him temporarily - He full-out adopts us, giving us full rights and privileges of children of God (and coheirs with Christ). we are not second-class citizens in His kingdom - we are sons and daughters.

as we grow in Christ, we don't get more faith, we get more knowledge of the faithfulness of God. His trustworthiness is proven to us over time. that's part of the Holy Spirit's gig - He moves into our hearts and begins immediately convincing us that we are sons and daughters. we need convincing of this. children behave differently than hired help - children have different attitudes than hired help. furthermore, children act like hosts in their Father's house, not like guests.

the family trait of the family of God is holiness

there is a difference between conviction and condemnation

the doctrine of adoption is dropped down here in this passage between "no condemnation" and "no separation" which is way cool
by the way, i wasn't pancake pig. i did alot of fun other stuff instead, like read the story and plan the craft and blow bubbles. (the bubbles are their favorite part.)