12:05 AM

"I Am a Handsome Bald Man"

that (^) has got to be the greatest quote from my (thus far) favorite episode of dharma and greg, which is a FABULOUSLY hilarious show i happen to adore. i have way too much time on my hands.

so now mama and i are getting down to business in two major areas - organizing my finances (which is largely a teaching/guiding process for her of me, if that makes sense) and finding dining room chairs for my apartment. estate sales here we come!! :)

i love watermelon. i also love books, and i made a huge list of books i want to read the other day. it's not really a "huge" list, but it only includes "fun books" - nothing too exhausting or taxing, except a little theology. mostly candy bar books, in other words.


Micah said...

I'll probably be able to use that line in about five years.

Darren said...

You could just think of yourself as Elisha and maybe bears will come and devour forty young people for mocking your baldness. And since you live near Canada the bears part might not be "inconceivable" (as Fezini would say).

So what are some of the books on your list, Lauren?