11:43 PM

Time for a Poll

so i have to write a biography paper on somebody, and i'm trying to decide between the following individuals. anybody have any preferences on this list? note that i am planning to post about the winning fellow on here, so you will benefit (if you read it at least) from the final selection.

if you'd rather not comment, you can always email me.

John a Lasco (he just sounds cool. wikipedia him here.)
Philip Melanchthon (for obvious reasons)
Richard Baxter (wrote the reformed pastor, which is apparently the definitive work on pastoring)
John Owen (freaking brilliant - i love the death of death in the death of Christ)
Thomas Cranmer (i like the book of common prayer)


Micah said...

Gotta go with John Owen. I don't really know much about him except what he wrote.

Darren said...

John Owen is always a good choice. "The Mortification of Sin" is an amazing work.

Laur said...

my prof said not to do john a lasco, because it would be really hard to find source material....

so far, shockingly, owen is winning. i kinda thought that might happen.