1:10 AM

Google Games

type " *your name* needs"

first 15 hits:

1. lauren needs attention [maybe should be changed to "wants"]
2. lauren needs attention.... revisited [yes, i need THAT much attention]
3. lauren needs to kick the crack habit [just so long as i can keep the book habit, i'm fine]
4. lauren needs a hotel room [...]
5. lauren needs a myspace [ugh. i have one but i have 2 friends and i only use it to look at people's pictures. facebook is where it's at.]
6. lauren needs to do the same [i don't know about that]
7. lauren needs new friends! [i'll take more, gladly, but i'm quite happy with the ones i've got!]
8. lauren needs a winterball date? [that sounds fun. dress shopping!!]
9. lauren needs to be involved in more stories on the show* [heck yes! more screen time for me!]
10. lauren is an idiot!/lauren needs to work on her self esteem [i'm getting mixed signals from that one.]
11. jack, sharon, mikey and lauren need to go on vacation [not with strangers i don't]
12. lauren needs to learn how to forgive [shocker]
13. why does lauren need someone with her when she is outdoors?/lauren needs constant assurance that we will not leave her alone... [um... i don't want to make jokes. this sounds serious.]
14. lauren needs to post about something completely unpredictable [i'll wager this counts]
15. lauren needs protection after being shot by a deranged fan [if my fans ever get that deranged, i'll let you know]

now you play.

*in case you hadn't noticed/guessed, most of these are about The Hills. or Gossip Girl.


Anonymous said...

1. Micah needs help!

2. Micah needs an electrical object.

3. Micah needs a new bass player.

4. Micah needs to take better pictures.

5. Micah needs to shut his mouth and stop interfering with his investigation.

6. Micah needs to read up on the scriptures.

7. Our friend Micah needs a place to crash for one night.

8. I think Micah needs a show with robots.

9. Micah needs your prayers!

10. Micah needs lunch.

11. Micah needs a bath, diaper change, and into his pj's.

12. Micah needs a home.

13. Micah needs tubes.

14. Micah needs money!

15. Micah needs to be shot.

(I'm in complete agreement with all of these.)

Darren said...

1. Darren needs all the extra strength, determination and luck he can muster to survive trials which slice, burn and almost drown him.

2. Darren needs myspace

3. King Darren needs lifting back up the page.

4. Darren needs to get a dud next year since he has become so cocky.

5. Darren needs cheering up

6. Darren needs a hobby.

7. Darren needs a girlfriend

8. Darren needs a haircut

9. Soft Darren needs SAS training

10. Darren nees a new job

11. Darren needs trinny and susannas help

12. Darren needs to do what's best for Darren

13. Darren needs more experience of reflecting and translating 2-D shapes on a grid (I'll say)

14. Darren needs to get a life

15. Darren still needs assistance to walk, and is limited to very short distances.