12:39 AM

A Thought

i was reading exodus 37 just now, which is all about the construction and crafting of the ark of the covenant, and i realized how totally different judaism was from all the religions around it in the ancient world. while other peoples are creating these statues and carvings, from wood and stone and precious materials like gold and so forth, both large and small, to represent their divinities and give them a special connection to them, Bezalel is over here crafting this amazingly detailed, fairly large item out of expensive materials. and what is this item? it's not something to be esteemed or bowed to, but the place that blood is poured. it is an altar, a place of sacrifice and atonement. instead of sculptures and figurines to link the divine to the human, the israelites were provided with a way to have a true, solid, and constant connection to the LORD God - the blood poured on the altar - ultimately, the blood of Christ.

i just thought that was cool. i hope it made sense - i haven't been very coherent, especially on deep things, lately.

{I hope it's not presumptuous to tag this "reformed theology"....}


Darren said...

I really like that. In every religion we try to make God like us (a la Romans 1), but only the true God wouldn't give us something to worship, but gives us a way to be made right before him. We make God in our own image. God makes us in his image. That's a way cool thought. Thanks for sharing :)

Laur said...

thanks for saying what i meant. at least you could tell what it was from what i wrote. ;-)