12:07 AM

tell me what you think...

i think i may have stumbled upon an easy, honest, and easy-to-remember summary of the middle 3 points of tulip (well, arguably also point 5). what do you think? (i have left it in its original context, but bolded the summary itself.)

dude: just curious what is a calvinist
me: haha
me: i think what stands out most about us is we believe in predestination
dude: I see
dude: as in heaven or hell
me: yeah basically
me: we believe that the way people are saved is totally God's work and not at all ours
me: you know, even faith is a gift, etc
dude: ahhhhh
dude: anyone can be saved though
me: well, that depends on what you mean by that
me: only the people who God chooses will be saved
me: and all the people God chooses will be saved
me: but those people could be anyone
dude: Yeah I got it