12:55 AM



I ran a mile in 9:20 yesterday on the elliptical at physical therapy. This is very exciting. I haven't run a mile in that fast in a LONG time - I've never been much of a speedster. My fastest time on record was like in 4th grade and was like 7:45 or something. I'm kinda like yay! :-D

Now, when I run 3 miles (as has been my recent workout strategy), they don't come that fast, but I figure that's ok because I am, after all, running 3 instead of 1.


i wrote an article for a new periodical at Wake, and my old philosophy professor (remember him?) Charles Lewis, apparently does not agree with my position on the New Perspective on Paul. as soon as the website is up and running again (they appear to be revamping it), you should check the article out. despite his criticism, it was quite a flattering letter. then again, it's flattering that he would take the time to publicly disagree with me as an equal, which he does. he may be chock full of heresy, but the man has seen and studied at least 3 times more than the years i've been alive. so hmm.


i have decided that, since none of you people who regularly read this thing (at least as far as i know) read my old xanga, i'm going to steal some old material from there and republish it here. it's random silliness, but it beats finding, for example, all those ridiculous pick-up lines again. so brace yourselves - the posting will be up in frequency and up in humor. and hopefully, you'll find it moderately interesting.