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Work & Basketball

not as catchy a title as "love and basketball," but the latter wouldn't be really be accurate.

so the job i'm doing is technically called "bookseller" at barnes & noble, and i'm focusing on the kids' section. i am EXHAUSTED - napped for 2 hours today when i got home, didn't watch the end of the mavs game because i was too tired (definite sign of exhaustion), and have generally been wiped. but i really enjoy it, despite the fact that there are creepy and gross things scattered throughout. but the kids section is muy fantastico and i know it pretty well and i know the books pretty well and it's exciting. AND they're now paying me $7/hour instead of a mere $6.75. and no, that does not mean i got a raise - they just changed policy in time for me to arrive.

so. despite (or perhaps partially because of) micah's utter disdain for basketball, i thought i would explain things a bit re: me and basketball. so here we go.

i live in a basketball family. my dad played in college (he's a whopping 6'11"); my sister now plays in college (she's a whopping 6'4"); my brother plays in middle school (he's a whopping 5'11 1/2", which isn't bad for a 13 year old). So basically, my mom and i live on a steady diet of basketball. it's a good thing i like to watch it or i would be a family traitor. i actually didn't for a while (long story), and it was bad. anyway, some tastes are acquired and i had no choice but to acquire this one. being the runt of the family - and the non-athletic one, to boot, although i love a good game of volleyball - i must say i am glad because it IS fun and i DO enjoy it on my own and plus, it is good for family morale. so no more picking on me for liking basketball or you answer to the family mafia.

not really mafia. but we grow 'em pretty big, so still be careful.

just kidding. we're not that insecure.

ps - i'm reading God Is the Gospel right now - the new john piper book - and it's mahvelous.


Darren said...
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Darren said...

I don't mean to comment all the time, but "God is the Gospel" is one of my favorite and most convicting books. Especially as a Christian leader. Do I present the Gospel in such a way that those who listen to me can say "I desire God above and beyond all things, not JUST the cool things we have in heaven." God is the ultimate goal. Very good book, and, again, very convicting for me.

ps I thought I was tall!

Sounds like a great job. Working with books is cool, but hard on the bank account :) (at least for me)

Micah said...

Sorry, I didn't realize that you were born into a family of giants. You are free to enjoy basketball, just not too much.

I actually played basketball in ninth grade but quit after one game because I found out that I wasn't allowed to tackle or hit anybody.

aron said...

And that, my friend, is the best reason I've ever heard to not play basketball.