9:43 PM

Latin, History, and Other Exciting Examinations

i know what you're thinking. hold it, lauren - you said you were done with exams. you're home from school. you started your job and everything. what's the deal? well, the bug (i.e. my brother) has examinations this week, and when your 13 year old brother has exams, and you're home from college, you might as well have them to with all the studying you two do. right now the bug is reviewing his history. today he took latin and english - i was mostly in charge of latin. but tomorrow is math and history. thankfully, i'm not helping with math (we do want the fellow to pass, you know), but history is all me. incidentally, the class is called "renaissance and reformation history," which i happen to know pretty well. i think the bug will be a history or art history major. he knows SO MUCH and retains SO MUCH and is excited about it. it's really cool. he wants to be an architect. (he has a couple of computer programs that let him design houses, and he does it all the time; he "specializes" in palatial domiciles. in other words, he likes mansions.)

thankfully, the bug's summer starts on friday and then we can do all the fun things we've planned - go ice skating at the mall, go see "over the hedge," go swimming in the pool, go to local art museums, etc. since i'm only working 4 days a week, we should be able to hang out kinda alot. i happen to love the bug, so i'm crazy about this idea.

katie (my amazonian athlete sister) finally finishes up exams and comes home on the 30th. she only has 11 days off before she has to go back :-( but at least she gets to come home for a little.

also near and exciting: 40% off week at b&n for employees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


iconoclasm said...

I bet you're a great tutor. Why is he called the bug?