8:56 PM

Basketball, Work, and Other Fun Life-y Sorts of Things

so the mavs had a phenomenal win last night - it was SUCH a last minute thing. it was all exciting and adrenalin-surging and such. it was fun. and now tomorrow night is really important to finishing out the series.

tomorrow i start work. i'm really excited about it. it will be really fun. that said, i am pretty nervous.

i still haven't unpacked hardly at all from the semester. but that's ok, i've gotten a ton of good chill time with mom.

right now i'm watching "the family stone," which is really fascinating. amazing how dreadful people can be to other people.


aron said...

Is there anything you're not interested in? What have you not found a way to somehow cram into your crazy-busy life...do you sleep? Can you stop time with a wiggle of your nose? Answer us, Miss Everywhere, answer us, please!

Micah said...

Apparently she has no time to acknowledge the fact that the coolest hockey team in the world plays in her town. Shame.

Laur said...

aron - i'm not really into miming or math (although i'm watching "proof" and so far it's fabulous) or superconducting supercolliders or cockfighting or russian drama or ceremonial piercings. and i do sleep - ALOT. in fact i sleep more than almost anyone i know over the age of 10. i *can* wiggle my nose, but i think it has nothing to do with time-stopping.

you assume an awful lot, micah - just because i'm a mavs fan doesn't necessarily mean i'm from dallas.

Darren said...

Watching the Mavs game right now, start of the fourth, pretty close. Hoping the Mavs win but I won't be up late enough to watch the end of it (not a big enough Mavs fan I guess, I have to admit that I love the Lakers [commence hating/mocking of me now]). What exactly is your job that you're starting?

I can't believe you don't like superconducting supercolliders. I don't know exactly what they do or why they do it, but it sure sounds cool. Imagine saying you ran a superconducting supercollider. People wouldn't even ask what it did, they would just be in awe.

Micah said...

You already told me you were from Dallas, eh. Didn't you?

Laur said...

did i? hmm.

yes the stars rock ps.