12:01 AM


We're gonna have fun tonight, kids. I'm going to tell you all kinds of fun things.

First off, I'm sure you've noticed that lately I've been watching alot of movies. This is because I love movies and I'm trying to "catch up" so to speak. Today I'm going to brag on the Disney Channel Original Movie that just went to DVD - "High School Musical." It was fabulous - very much an old-school musical, and the music is great.

You will also have noticed that I now product-link to the B&N website. Call it loyalty.

I am getting excited about trying out for American Idol - yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am actually sticking my neck out and actually going to auditions. I'm hoping they put up the information soon, and that there's something close-ish.

My precious old dog Bridget - who is a Golden Retriever long out-living her expected lifespan. She's nearly 15 (Golden Retrievers are supposed to live 10-12 years), and she's now having a really rough time getting up. She's such a sweetheart, and though she's been quite blind and quite deaf for a while, it's hard to watch her body slowing down and stopping. :-( She's my miracle dog - I prayed for her for years, and our family got her for Christmas when I was 6.

I love to read. L-O-V-E to read. It's really fun. Especially novels. Still plugging away at God Is the Gospel, though. :-) Never let it be said that my affection for novels is indicative of not enjoying theology... ;-)

I'm keeping my car, by the way. I just decided I like it too much. Well, that and my dad was like "What are you thinking????" That was kinda a clincher for me.

KJ is called "the Bug" because "Squirrel" didn't stick. No, really - that's why. He used to not let anyone but me call him "the Bug," but now he lets Dad and Mom call him that every once in a while. It's a petname, but there's absolutely no reason behind it. Sorry to disappoint.

Does anyone besides me think that the "Sonic has it; others don't" commercials are exceedingly annoying?


Micah said...

I've been thinking about how much I hate Dodge commercials lately, especially the one with that fairy flying around.

I'm glad you're keeping your car. Sorry 'bout your dog. I expect a review of God is the Gospel when you're done. I rented King Kong and plan to watch it this week so I'll let you know if I cry like a baby.

Darren said...

I concur with Micah. I hate that commercial too. I always change the channel when it comes on. Sorry to hear about your dog. It's always hard to see your pets grow old like that. I'm glad you've had her for so long though. Also glad you made a decision about your car that you won't regret.

It must be something about sisters. My younger sister was constantly coming up with nicknames for me and my older sister. Although she doesn't call us by them anymore, my older sister, Jennifer, was called Jaephus and I was Zim. Zim was a long evolution from her original nickname "Barbara", which she called me just to annoy me. She really liked the country name Zimbabwe so she called me Zimbarbara, but my parents made her drop the Barbara, so I became Zim. We always joked that I would be called "Uncle Zim" by her kids :-) Hope you're enjoying "God is the Gospel."