12:23 PM

War of the Malls, Barth, and Other Thoughts

After a bit of shopping yesterday at the fabulous Dallas Galleria on heels of shopping at the new and improved Northpark mall and a few random stores around town on tuesday, I had a moment of realization: malls are the battlefield of women like me. We go in knowing what we like and what we need, and we're going in for the kill. We're serious shoppers with priorities and price limits. Scary, huh?

I have decided that Karl Barth is easier to read when he's mad. (In his "NO!" response to Emil Brunner, he is quite livid.) I have also decided that his understanding of the Gospel is very twisted - he is willing to "die on the hill" of not-biblical doctrines while throwing out key doctrines - like the inerrancy of Scripture and the reality of damnation. He is so interested in preserving his own bizarre ideas that he creates a whole extra kind of history to account for his explanation of theology.

I love being home, but we leave tomorrow to begin the wild and crazy travelling that is Dallas Johnson family tradition...

I'm happy to say that all the versions of Law and Order is fabulous. CSI and CSI: MIAMI is also nice. Judging Amy is a distant third.

I'm chock full of random information, as usual.