4:24 PM

So Much For Good Intentions...

so after a lovely bit of studying-until-2am, hardly getting any sleep, and being the professor's reminder-call to show up to the exam, i managed to take all 5 hours in writing it (yes, that would be FIVE hours). perhaps my plight was worsened by the fact that i could not for the life of me remember anything about cobb. except that he was male, and somehow he was a bit like braithwaite. anyway, i made his part up. i guessed. we'll see how it goes.

so i intended to have a brilliant thought or two last night; i didn't. i intended to get all dressed up for the exam; i didn't. i intended to ace the exam; i definitely didn't. it was interesting.

now i'm working on my king lear paper, which is due friday. i'm nervous because i hate my old thesis and outline, but i'm having trouble finding a new one; maybe i should just go with the old one. i dunno. grrrrrr to you, shakespeare. grr to you.

my consolation is that when i am dead and gone, everyone still will remember shakespare but i'll be that old dead great grandmother who used to bake those cookies... so it can't matter THAT much if my paper isn't particularly brilliant, as long as i get the job done. right?

my profundity level today is limited to this: cordelia is cool, which is probably why anne shirley from anne of green gables wanted to have the same name as her. edgar is also cool, but as far as i know no one wants to be named edgar. but they are still cool. and they are nice to their dads. the other kids in the story: edmund, goneril, and regan, are, like, evil. we don't like them. eww.
the end.

scary, huh?