12:37 AM

The Other Three Members of My Family

in the interest of keeping my audience happy, i will now tell you all about my dogs. ok, well not ALL about them. i'll just stick to brief sketches.

Bridget is my oldest dog. She's a whopping 14 years old. a small, runty golden retriever with a sweet personality (doggonality?) and significant hearing and vision loss, this is the dog i prayed for and begged for and all that. i wanted her so bad, and finally the parentals caved. she's a pretty smart pooch.

Heritage, or Heri, is a yellow lab who was originally owned by a sweet lady we know who had her trained to hunt. that automatically makes her the most well-behaved dog we have. she is also very intelligent and kind. she often reminds me of myself in dog form - she likes people, the inside when it's really hot, and eating. she was my company over the summer when my family was gone and i was working at home. she would sit next to me and put her head on my lap while i worked. there were a number of days in which i saw no human beings in person, and it was amazing how great a companion she was. i love her. unfortunately, she's started being mean to the other dogs and growling at them when they get near the food and no people are around. they kept mom up with their snarling and yapping a few nights ago.

Gracie is our newest dog, a 3 year old golden retriever. my sister won her in a bet with my dad. [lest you be concerned, let me assure you that my father does not engage in gambling on a regular basis - or ever, in fact, except for this one time.] katie and dad agreed that if katie got a double-double (15 points and 15 rebounds) she would get a puppy. she did, and he got her one. sadly, gracie is far from intelligent and she somewhat resembles a bear. she's also got hip displacement, which is not uncommon in golden retrievers. she is obsessed with light and reflections. but she is really nice and she likes people and licking things.

so those are my puppies. fun, eh?

oh, and i got a new haircut that eliminated the mullet from france (thank goodness).

still working on the lewis paper...