1:16 AM

New Semester

thought i'd fill y'all in on the new schedule. just for kicks.

1-4 advanced biblical exegesis (ABX) with drs cara and belcher

8-12 genesis-joshua with dr currid
1-4 admissions work (chick recruiting)

8:30-12 history II with dr fortson
1-3 authority and origin of the new testament canon with dr kruger
3-4 admissions work (chick recruiting)

nothin' on the schedule

1-5:30ish putting in hours at church (yay children's ministry!)

other important facts about the semester's flow include a move (within charlotte, don't get excited) at the end of march, a visit from mom at the end of february/beginning of march, and an as yet to-be-determined visit by my super-close friend and cousin emily sometime. so yay!!! it's gonna be a wild ride.