5:07 PM

Hurry! Quick!

alright. you ready for marching orders? i thought so.

go to www.sandramccracken.com and buy some cds. i recommend them in this order, but you really can't go wrong: best laid plans, gypsy flat road, the builder and the architect, the crucible. you can also get them at www.grassrootsmusic.com and www.goodtheology.com.

right now i'm revelling in the fact that i again HAVE best laid plans (which i lost) and really enjoying her new album, which is basically hymn lyrics with new music. alot of it will be familiar to you if you are into indelible grace, as she has written a large amount of their music.

if you have heretofor been deprived (oh the suffering incurred by unfamiliarity with sandra's music!), you probably don't know that she's married to derek webb, formerly the bald guy from caedmon's call, but now just a solo bald guy with a very amazing wife.

i marvel at the depth and richness of the hymns she revives. "Thy mercy, my God" and "the love of Christ is rich and free" and "i boast no more" and "awake my soul" to name a few.

heavens. i love it.