1:21 AM

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

I have realized that I am living a lie. While I think and will tell you that I never tell falsehoods, the truth is that the lie is, well, I lie. And this is my public confession.

The nature of these lies may seem insignificant. It may seem lazy. It is certainly that latter, but the former...

You see, I have this habit... a habit of typing "lol" on IM even when I'm not laughing out loud.

Heinous, isn't it?

I've thought about it before, but never so much as when, the other night, I received this IM from Kyle while we were in the same room: "hey." I replied "lol" - after all, we were in the same room. WHICH ENABLED HIM TO CATCH ME RED-HANDED. His response? "liar" Boy do I feel awful now.

I just wish there was something like lol but not lol that would express the thought ~ "I find you amusing at the moment." I feel like "hahahaha" does about the same thing as lol. "heehee" is too 4-years-old for normal use, and "hehe" can be downright patronizing. So I have, instead of trying to create a viable alternative, been lazy and used a term that is not technically accurate.

In other news, I wish my finernails would come off more willingly...


Jon said...

what about "lis" for laughing inside?