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English Common Law Comes in Handy

Who would have thought? But I had a realization because of some ancient Roman civil law statutes that we read today in class which seems kinda profound. Negligence is a form of culpability. In other words, not doing something or taking care of something that is yours to do or care for means you are irresponsible, but still fully responsible for your irresponsibility. I'd never thought about it before.

So classes are ghastly and wonderful. I really am annoyed by Astronomy, somewhat lazy in and bored by English Common Law, enjoying reading Plato in Greek (though it is a bit intimidating), and absolutely loving both of my English classes. British Romantic Poets is fun and interesting and engaging, but it is also frustrating because of the extent to which the character of God and the Gospel itself get dragged through the mud, misrepresented, and decried by William Blake, who is thus far the only poet we've read. Post-Vietnam African-American Literature is fascinating, but a little over my head. We are currently reading Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed, and it is far and away the hardest book I've ever read. Oh for the days when I read The Hound of the Baskervilles and only didn't understand it because my vocabulary had some growing to do! With this book I feel intellectually incapable and quite small.

The thing is, I am small, if not in shoe-size, at least in the grand scheme of things. And that's ok. The amazing thing is that though I am so small, the God of the universe remembers me. Even if I don't understand the 35 allusions on every page of Mumbo Jumbo. Even if I can't even find one of said allusions in a whole chapter.

Other thoughts of note include the fact that I wish the weather would settle down. I love the warm days - like today and Friday (I think it was Friday) - but the changes from warm to cold are givin' me migraines or headaches. It's driving me batty.

I like it when Wake wins, by the way. Especially when we were up by about 30 points during part of the game. Double especially when Shamaine Dukes and Harvey Hale start gellin' on the court. Triple especially when Cameron Stanley playing time. Cam Stan is fabulous, and has a vertical like none other, and is fabulous on defense. I have no idea why he doesn't play more. He is amazing.

The last thing I'll write for now is that I really am grateful for the people who love me. And I have the greatest parents ever.

Peace out.


Dean McConnell said...

Dear Laur,

It sounds like you have a better than average college - reading Plato in greek etc.

Have you ever considered attending a Christian law school?

I amm the dean of Trinity International Universities Trinity Law School. We really need bright Christian students who are commited to Christ and to hard work.

Check our web site at tls.edu and my blog Trinitarian Don.

Thanks. I hope English Common Law turns out to be a good class.